All About Artelle Lenthall

Hello Children’s Writers and Friends,

My name is Artelle Lenthall (AKA Journeygirl) and I am a published Picture Book Writer as well as a wife, mother and Primary School teacher. I love of the magic of words on a page and the amazing places they can take us. That is why, after all these years of reading and sharing the masters with the many children in my life, I aim to write stories which accomplish two things. One; stories that children will love to hear, read and lose themselves in and two; that the adults in their lives will love to share with them. A big ask I know! I am thankful to belong to some wonderful organisations where I have met many amazingly generous and talented people to help me achieve these goals. Notably the FAW the CKT Cocoon Club, The Children’s Bookshop Emerging Writers Group (EWG) and Jen Storer’s The Duck Pond and The Scribblers.

As for my day to day life in Western Sydney, when I am not casual teaching, looking after my family or writing, I am volunteering within my local parish church and school. I value both the opportunity to share my faith and the sense of community and belonging that this provides for our family.

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