The Road Less Travelled

Hello fellow Children’s Writers and Friends,
Welcome to this fortnight’s blog post and a special welcome to the many new visitors on this shared road to publication, it’s good to have you as our travelling companions. 
I should be published! I really should be published by now. A strange way to begin, I know but I promise it is said without any conceit, on the contrary it is not the editors’ fault, not the publishers’ fault and in some ways it is not even my fault. Of course no matter what else I say, if I had submitted a highly polished manuscript to the right editor at the right publishing house at the right time, I would be published by now as would I if I had written and submitted more to magazines or had I gone the self publication route. None of this has happened although I have come very close a couple of times. (I have actually also been published in Anthologies and while that definitely counts it is not what I am talking about today.)
Why then haven’t I and perhaps you been published yet then? Well, in my case it is very much to do with the way I have (largely chosen to) undertaken my quest for publication. I know it is common knowledge that a writer seeking publication should write every day, should submit as often as possible, that you should expect to accumulate 99 rejections for every 100 submissions (or so I’ve read). The fact of the matter is that I can claim none of these things. I have approached my journey to publication a lot like I approach everything else in life, with Hermionesque (from Harry Potter not Greek Mythology nor Shakespeare) caution and a need find a library before making any decisions. I have researched, undertaken courses (the first one pre children about 16- 20 years ago now) spoken to the experts in the field i.e. multi- published and multi-awarded authors, read widely and oddly enough to a lesser degree written. 
Why in heaven’s name you are no doubt asking haven’t I written as much as I probably should have? And, if you’ve thought about the beginning of this post, why haven’t I submitted more? The two are obviously connected and as it turns out the reasons are the same. These reasons range for crippling fear, crippling doubt, money, time, finicky inspiration which quite literally for me comes in flashes of lightning shaped scars…um whoops got distracted… Oh yeah there’s that too – distraction in the shape of work, family, television, Facebook, physical books and the list goes on. The good thing is that I share at least two; crippling doubt and inspiration in flashes with Picture Book great, Mem Fox and probably many others. She from memory is also still fearful, despite all of her success and talent, of being able to come up with another good idea and in a lot of ways this (yes I’ll admit some pride was involved here) is what I was afraid of- what if I never come up with something as good as I know this is. (Quite amusing to look back at a couple of them now!) Then I’d doubt again, I’m a Libra and so have the tendency to chop and change somewhat like a pendulum or maybe… a scale. When the manuscript is rejected by just one publishing house, I hit the books again, so my manuscripts take considerably longer to be submitted to all suitable houses than they should. 
I know it’s the norm to revise and edit before you submit again to one or more houses, however, this is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about learning more and more about the craft of writing, especially Picture Books before I tackle that manuscript again.You see I used to be determined to just get published and never thought much further than that and although I have yet to achieve that dream, I’m not all that worried.
I’m not worried because in the process the dream has grown and mutated, I have learned so much about the industry, meet and befriended both on and offline, the most wonderful people who share many of my views, interests and passions. People who gently assist my growth and yes, sometimes stoke my ego too. Not what I’m in it for, but hey I’m not complaining. Rambling now, but in short, that’s my non-traditional journey, it may be the scenic route, the non-recommended route, but it’s my route and it’s working for me. I am changing my travelling speed and direction somewhat this year, but I honestly feel I’ve been where I needed to be, when I needed to be there to get to the point where I am now. The point where I can power ahead with a clear direction and plan for the future and see where the road takes me next. What has your journey been like? An express trip, (you lucky duck) a long hard slog (good for you!) or a more meandering Sunday drive like mine? I’d really love to know, so please don’t be shy and let us all know in the comments below.
Farewell for now fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


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Australian Children’s Publishers

Hello Fellow Children’s Writers and Friends,

This week’s post looks deceivingly simple, but is hopefully very helpful to as many of us as possible. This scenic adventure on the publication route began because I had a couple of manuscripts to submit this week and in preparation last week  (as you know) I began to research where I might send them. I found it difficult to find one place where publishers who are accepting manuscript submissions are recorded and where their details are up to date. The closest I could find was at  So with their help and that of Publishers Global I have made the following list of Australian Children’s Publishers and highlighted those open for author and/or illustrator submissions and what sort of submissions they are, digital, cooperative or assisted (essentially a version of self publishing as I’m assuming ‘work for hire’ is, if not and you know please tell the rest of us in the comments section below).

I will endeavour to keep it up to date by checking these links regularly. In the meanwhile, have a good look through to find the publishers and publishing style which best suit you and your work and good luck! Oh, and wish me luck too-please!

 Key: * Accepting submissions

        ** A version of self publishing
          ~ Accepting submissions with some exceptions/conditions

          ^ Digital publication only

About Kids Books– accepting children’s book submissions except for Picture Books

Allen and Unwin– Friday Pitch accepts all ms submissions bar Picture Books, Poetry and Short Stories

**Balboa Press (A division of Hay House) open for self-publishing

* Big Sky Publishing– currently accepts unsolicited non-fiction manuscripts and children’s titles in fiction, non-fiction and picture book format.

 Black Dog Books – A Division of Walker Books Australia -Unable to accept unsolicited fiction or Picture Books

* Blake Education is accepting Primary and Secondary Resource Guides especially Indigenous perspective for Primary and IWB and laptop compatible for Secondary

Bloomsbury Spark– publishing ebooks only for teen, YA and New Adult

Boolarong Press– accepting all genres particularly from QLD authors, but speak to them first (phone number provided)

 Brolly Books– not accepting unsolicited submissions at the moment

 Celapene– website currently states not accepting unsolicited mss, however, this has not been updated in sometime and perhaps a polite query might clarify matters

Christmas Press Picture Books– accepting illustration submissions electronically

DoctorZed Publishing– click link for an Inquiry to Submit Form

EK Books– accepting submissions sent digitally

~ ERA Publications– accepts submissions from illustrators and occasionally from authors, although ERA usually commission their authors.

* Ford Street Publishing – currently open for submissions

~ Fremantle Press– open for residents of WA or those of WA origin

 Hachette Australia – not accepting children’s book submissions at the moment

 Hardie Grant Egmont– accepting  submissions for the Ampersand Prize only

 Harper Collins – accept submissions via the Wednesday Post, but not at the moment

** Hinkler – open for enquiries and submissions on a ‘work for hire basis’

* IAD – accept enquiries for Indigenous Authors and Artists

** InHouse Publishing – open for submissions for ‘Assisted Independent Publishing’

** Inspiring Publishers – for Cooperative Publishing in Self-help, How to, Business books, Mind, body and spirit, Emotional healing novels, Self Help Psychology books and Children’s books that teach something.

^ IP Kidz – accepting ms for digital publication

 Little Pink Dog Books – not currently open to submissions

** Little Steps Publishing – open to partnership publishing

* Magabala Books – publishes works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We do consider collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples that have 50% authorship by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person(s) – from inception

 Morris Publishing – not accepting submissions till later in 2017

* New Frontier – accepting submissions (they recommend you buy their submissions pack)

* New Holland – accepting submissions but primarily publish Non Fiction

* Nosy Crow – accepting submissions

Pan McMillan – accept submissions except PBs on Manuscript Monday year round

* Penguin Random House Australia -accepting submissions from Feb to Nov inclusive

Scholastic Australia – Publishes under four imprints; Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia, Omnibus Books and Koala Books. None of these are accepting submissions at the moment

Simon and Shuster – not accepting submssions at the moment

* Text Publishing – accepting submissions for mss suitable for upper primary to adult

~ The Five Mile Press – currently accepting submissions from illustrators only

UQP – currently not accepting Children’s or YA ms submissions 

~ Ventura Press – accepting ms submissions and/or book proposals except PBs

Walker Books – accepting MG and YA submissions on Walker Wednesday, the first Wednesday of each month. Unfortunately I cannot get the link for them or Black Dog to work at the moment. You can reach them by typing into your search engine

Wild Eyed Press – currently closed for submissions

* Windy Hollow Books – accepting submissions

* Wombat – accepting submissions 

Working Title Press – not accepting submissions until further notice.

By the way, as you can imagine no doubt, Publishers Global is a worldwide site which covers all types of publication, not just book publishers. There are 442 in the Australian section alone and 840 in the Children’s section worldwide. As I continue to wade through it, I may even find some more which belong here. If I do I’ll add them, so be sure to come back and check every couple of months.

Well the road was long and hard this (extended) fortnight, but very rewarding.

Farewell for now fellow travellers,

Savour the Quest


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