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Hello again fellow children’s writers and friends, two emails in a month, it must be launch time 😊

A Thank You and a Couple of Reminders

Firstly thanks so much for the supportive comments and shares of my Launch Invitation on Facebook and beyond. I’m getting excited and I hope you are too, I can’t wait to celebrate with as many of my friends and family as possible. So here’s the latest. Marg Dewar the illustrator of our beautiful Star will judge the Stars for Star artwork competition. One prize for an adult and one for a little/young star. You’ve just 5 days left to upload in the comments on this blog or on my Journeygirl@artellelenthallauthor page. We are looking forward to seeing your starry artworks

Did You See?

Did you see the delightfully joyful song that my friend Mandy Langlois will be singing and teaching at Star’s launch. Here it is, have a listen so we can all join in the fun on Saturday.

Win Win Win!

  • There will be several chances to win a prize on Saturday, September 4th. Here’s a reminder and one new way too.
  • Come dressed as a Star, let your imagination run wild, stars are everywhere after all. Our favourite child and adult win.
  • Enter the Stars for Star competition
  • Read the Do You Know Your Stars Quiz? Questions below so you ready to answer them as quickly as possible in the chat on Saturday.
  • Do You Know Your Stars Quiz?
  • Which artist is famous for painting stars in the night sky?
  • Which fruit is star shaped?
  • Which fruit has a star inside it?
  • I changed the background photo on my Facebook page just before Christmas 2020. What is the background photo of my Facebook page?
  • In the opening slideshow, what sort of stars were my family dressed as?
  • Tie breaker- There are many, many types of stars in the opening slideshow, name 3.

And finally in case you haven’t seen it here is my Star Launch Poster and the link for Saturday’s Zoom Launch

Farewell for now fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


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Star Launch

And Stars for Star Competition

You’re Invited!

Win Win Win!

Stars for Star Competition– Here’s a Star print I made earlier today, with and without a background. Which do you prefer? Can you do better? I’m sure you can, especially when there’s a prizes to win. Post your Star prints, paintings, artworks here or on my Journeygirl@artellelenthallauthor Facebook Page to have a chance at winning a starry prize.

Stars are everywhere! Apple and Star Anise print
Stars in Night Sky Print and Wash

Can’t wait to see what you do. And I definitely can’t wait to see you all dressed up as a star for Star’s Launch either. Oh, didn’t I mention that, there’s prizes for the best dressed stars too. Well that’s it from me,

Savour the quest fellow travellers big and little,


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