Spring- New Beginnings For Your Manuscripts

Ah Spring, the time of renewal, warmer weather (not that Winter’s been that cold until the last fortnight) increased energy and hopefully greater health- Winter has not been kind to me this year. I hope it has treated you better.

Hello dear fellow Children’s Writers and friends,

Spring is indeed all of the above, it is also your final season to get your manuscripts polished within an inch of their life and out of your drawers and files, into the publishing houses. Why is this the perfect time to polish and submit? Simple, you have three solid months after the fun, full and frantic ‘Book Week/Month’ to focus on your unpublished masterpieces and send them off into the world before the publishing houses close their books for the Summer. Most Australian publishers close from December to February so best get cracking. That’s not a long time to research publishers and submit you say, well thanks to Alys Jackson whose post on Publishers Open to Submission, which I’m reblogging today, a lot of the hard work has been done for you. You’re welcome. Good luck to those submitting,

Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited submissions


Farewell fellow travellers,

Savour the journey,


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Search, Soak then Scribble!

Well hello again dear fellow Children’s Writers and friends,

In some ways I know this post is late, by a long way too. But in other ways it’s just on time. As you know this blog is about my journey to publication, hopefully repeated publication and sharing the things I learn and experience along the way, in the hope of helping those who are journeying with me. The interesting thing is that while this has been a lengthy period of self examination for me, there is still not a lot to share that would be of benefit to anyone else. That is, with the exception of these two things. One self examination is best not done when physically unwell and two, I and most likely you, need to actually physically write more.

When you are physically unwell as I have been on and off for much of the last few months, it isn’t a good time to examine achievements, goals, purpose as a writer- oh yes, I went there. My advice- don’t! Not if you’re physically off peak, or at least physically off crest. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been physically on peak since my twenties! Still, feeling poorly colours your perception of things far beyond the physical.

In this period I also did a five week PB Course at the wonderful WestWords Parramatta and despite not being at my best, I don’t regret it, and with a bit more work I may have even gained a viable manuscript out of it. Naturally being a person who loves to learn and one who wants to help others, which is after all the purpose of this blog, I constantly find myself taking on the role of professional student in the KidLit Industry. Are you like me, always searching and absorbing? Another course, book on craft, website, festival, conference? I seek out and soak up knowledge, share it and advise others as a result of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it- I am a teacher after all and being willing to seek and share knowledge has earned me the honour of becoming one of Jen Storer’s Duck Pond Moderators, an experience I honestly wouldn’t trade.

Nonetheless it is definitely time now, before my next ‘scheduled learning experience’ in October to simply write, write, write and in case you or I need reminding write!

Well that’s it for now, fellow travellers,

Savour the quest


P.S. To honour my promises to both myself (focus on writing) and you, to keep you up to date on Publishers Open to Submissions, next month’s post will be a reblog on that very topic and don’t worry it will be much earlier in the month than this. Be sure to drop by. JG

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