Top 5 Ways To Kickstart Your Creative Mojo

Well dear fellow Children’s Writer and Friends,

I have procrastinated enough for the moment, or perhaps not. It seems I am not alone. In this enforced time at home, which under normal circumstances so many of us would crave, many creatives are finding it difficult to do their thing. So what can you do to find the positive mindset and creative headspace you need to write at this difficult yet opportune time? Here’s some activities, I’m going to at least try over the next month or two.

First and foremost, is to get some sun. Notoriously indoor desk type people, there really is nothing stopping writers from working outside. Take your latest WIP and all it’s paraphernalia onto a picnic blanket. Or like me right now take your iPad (laptop) onto the back steps and take in some Vitamin D. We’re so lucky in Australia particularly today to be blessed with a glorious, warm sunny day. No rain, not too hot, a cool breeze blowing across your slowly basting limbs, and perfect for a spot of scrawling and scribbling (or typing). If like me, you have a canine companion requiring you to constantly throw a ball, stick or some other piece of equipment to be retrieved, you’ll be bound to find yourself smiling joyfully at the normality and beauty of the moment. .

Play? Play play play!

Next, why don’t you try a different creative pursuit. Oddly enough, the December holidays, another perfect writing time saw me lacking much desire to do so. Frankly and ironically now, I needed the rest. However, I didn’t let that stop me creating and had a dabble in something I haven’t done much since high school. I drew! And I loved it! It was creative, fun and as I had no intention of sharing it with anyone beyond the challenge group, (30 Day Sketchbook Challenge) it was freeing and satisfying. Just like books can take you to a different place, time spent in drawing or I suspect any other form of creative pursuit from painting to sewing to gardening (my husband’s creative preference) can take you away, briefly at least from the troubles of the world. A little mind break as it were. It also helps keep you away from endless news broadcasts and negative (if you have some of those circles- aren’t we so lucky in the mostly positive world of KidLit?) social media posts. That’s got to be good for you on so many levels.

Still don’t feel like writing or illustrating? How about some polishing, editing, redrafting? I’ve recently found an old manuscript which I thought might be suitable for a competition. I polished and polished. I asked ‘what if’ and rewrote the whole thing, more than once, then edited and polished again, I was delighted with the manuscript I submitted not only to the international competition, but also to a local publisher. I had a wonderful time taking and nurturing this ancient seed, testing it through the fire of scrutiny and emerging with a completely new creation, a manuscript I am truly proud of. I’m digging in that old bottom draw, searching for other gems to test and polish to a gleam. What don’t you come prospecting with me, illustrators too, nay especially and see what stunning artistic gems we can find?

You Can Do It!

Submit, submit, submit! A goal of mine for this year. In fact the only one I still have control over and am likely to achieve due to the postponement of, well just about everything in my two part time day jobs. (Casual teacher and Sacramental Coordinator) On the upside, my current job title, is definitely Author/Writer! What better time to push the inner critic away and own it! I am a Children’s Author. Therefore, I need to get my work out there and into the hands of publishers. If writing creatively is eluding you right now, submission writing is a whole different kettle of fish. Still somewhat creative, essentially submission writing is a type of creative nonfiction, that is presenting your facts in as creative and interesting a manner as possible.

Finally in my top five ways to kickstart your creative mojo during this time of intense, uncontrollable, isolating change, why not learn something? It could be something completely new. Udemy has courses on just about everything at reasonable prices with regular specials making learning even cheaper. If you like many, many people in all walks of life, are unsure of your income at this time Skillshare offer free courses as are many in the KidLit industry at the moment. eg Sally Rippin, SCBWI (if you’re a member) Dymocks. Look up your favourites and see what they offer or recommend. Or if you’re at all like me, you might consider searching through your computer files where you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of incomplete or perhaps even untouched courses. What better time to complete them. Look through your physical notebooks too, where you’ll no doubt find abundant suggestions, ideas, prompts and writing exercises from the many conferences, festivals and courses you have attended over the years. Oh, you’re not like me. You’re totally new to this writing lark and haven’t attended anything yet? Then now’s the time to check out conferences and festivals you may otherwise have been unable to attend due to associated travel and accommodation costs. You’ll find like the CYA Conference and the Sydney Writer’s Festival, they’ve probably moved online and at a discounted rate! (Or even free for the SWF)

And Here’s One Purely To Make You Feel Good

I hope you’ve found at least one helpful tip here to get you creating again dear fellow traveller. Till next time, farewell, go gently, stay safe and healthy.

Savour the Quest


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A Bright Shiny Year Ahead

Well hello, dear fellow Children’s Writers and friends,

This glorious wet and windy day seemed like, the perfect day to pen a very late January or a somewhat early February blog, I’m not sure which and honestly have no desire to decide. That’s the thing with January in the writing world. It’s neither here nor there, it’s either your opportunity to write and edit prolifically while you have some ‘extra’ time or your chance to rest and reflect and plan for the year to come. I chose a bit of both, mainly the latter. That does not mean I have rested on my laurels (seriously, where does that saying come from?) no, on the contrary, I have organised my personal and professional lives (yes, like many other KidLit writers I have more than one of these) and what’s particularly good about this year is that I have already put many of these plans, strategies and good habits into practice.

On a personal level I have begun to budget, my shell-shocked husband at first skeptical, is quietly optimistic this might actually last. On a professional level, I have planned, timetabled and set in motion several programs I will be running amongst the parents, adolescents and children in my parish. With much thanks to the previous Sacramental Coordinator, it hasn’t been too onerous a task.

This being one of three ‘jobs’ I will have this year I have colour coded (pens) my home (and for that matter, work) diary to reflect what each of these require of me, particularly when and where I’m meant to be on any given day.

I have also developed a fun new way to keep myself accountable both in my home and creatively. I’ve colour coded creative and decluttering time and it’s a simple little joy to colour in or otherwise decorate, what I’ve achieved in these areas each day. My aim is to colour in at least one; write, draw or de-clutter colour (sometimes more) for five days of the week (pencils, crayons anything bright!) The other two are my full 9-5 working days and besides we all need a break even from the creative stuff we love and definitely from cleaning!

So why all this detail? Three reasons; one to touch base and fill you in, two, to possibly share an idea/tool you might find useful and three to keep me accountable. It will certainly be interesting at the end of the year to share my 2020 Year in Review in the light of these plans and changes. A very good old Uni friend of mine, once (or twice 😆) called me the most organised, disorganised person she knew. You see I’ve always been brilliant at setting up for something, but as life happens my beautifully organised desk, room, space becomes a creative mess that only I can navigate, making delegation impossible and me often, give up. This year though I have my trusty Shining Year Life Goal’s Workbook by Leonnie Dawson by my side and well as some tried and tested methods of organisation in my arsenal to refine and use and like my husband, I am quietly optimistic of an amazing year of creating not just in the cracks but in all areas of my life!

Wish me luck as I do to you fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


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