Star Launch

And Stars for Star Competition~ see below invitation

You’re Invited!

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Coming Soon!

Well hello there fellow Children’s Writer and Friends,

I had hoped to get another post in before this one, but oh my where does the time go? Even or perhaps especially in Lockdown for a children’s author about to launch her debut Picture Book. Yaaaay!

Just one of Marg’s stunning illustrations to make you gasp with delight

Look out for the finalised invitation soon. In the meanwhile, start thinking about what you might wear to my Star themed online launch. Think laterally and get creative, I have many ideas but don’t want to give away any spoilers- just yet. Yes, you’re invited of course you’re invited, come celebrate with me online early next month. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in the loop. There’ll be book and other prizes to win! There’ll be fun activities for your kids so don’t forget to bring them along too. I can’t wait to see you there.

And if you just can’t wait? Who could blame you?😁You can preorder Star now at Five Senses Education Seven Hills and North Ryde or The Lindfield Learning Hub where you’ll be able to purchase signed copies on request. Or ask for it at your local library. Either way I hope you love Star as much as I do and remember in your own special way to Sparkle, even if it’s just once!

That’s it for now fellow travellers but keep and eye out for further information in the next few days and as always to Savour the quest,


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