Six Month Review

Hello fellow Children’s Writers and Friends,

It’s that time of year again, where everyone from business people to everyday tax payers to school students (not necessarily by choice) to writers review how they’ve done so far this year and plan for the rest of the year. As a writer that means reviewing word(s) of the year, in my case Wait! and Imagine.

So how have those words served me? Are they still valuable to me? Do they still have anything to teach me? Do I need new words? As it turns out, they’ve served me rather well as they’ve allowed, nay forced me to stop and rest, to stop and look more closely at my work and to stop and consider other possibilities- to imagine! Oddly enough or perhaps not so surprising to some, I had forgotten that imagine was my second word as I largely focussed on the much needed discipline and rest which comes from waiting. Regardless, they were a good pairing as one seemed to lead to the other.

I had got a little confused and thought my second word was create for a while and I have indeed been taking some time to create, but in a playful way, seeking only to learn. I will perhaps try to link those two now and I feel I have truly accomplished the Wait! aspect. That’s not to say I’m going to jump in and submit work that’s clearly not ready, but it does mean, I’ve learned to be more disciplined and objective about sharing what I produce creatively. So that word at least has served me very well and I intend to keep remembering to ‘wait’, but feel I’m ready to drop the capitals and exclamation mark from that word. I hope I’ve have learned now to naturally wait so I don’t need to Wait! So not quite a new word, but a new method and a new emotive response.

Just happily waiting

As for imagining and creating, they seem to have entwined themselves, and with the waiting as a backdrop, I feel I am producing fresher, freer, more original and hopefully better work. I have done some thinking about myself as a child and realised that I need to do a lot more to find what was once an excellent imagination and link it to creating the sort of work I have already started taking pleasure in and rather proud to produce. Is imagining still a valuable word for me, does it still have something to teach me? Definitely, I feel the need to go and lie on an old fashioned ‘broadboard swing’ (the forward and backward swinging type where you needed at least one other friend to operate) gaze up and the clouds, take gulps of fresh air and imagine castles and dungeons and magic forest portals through the grove of trees near the creek behind my house. I need to see dragons or sphinxes in the clouds and I need to laugh just for the sake of it. THEN I need to write, or draw, or paint, or….

Closest I could find, could be it, hard to tell with so many children on it. Now imagine it empty and me lying on my back starting at the clouds 😊 bliss

So while, I’m not ready to let go of wait and imagine and still feel they have something to teach me this year, I do intend to add create seeing as it was hovering in the wings anyway.

❓That’s it from me for now, did you have words for the year? I’d love to hear about them, how they are/have serving/served you? Let me know in the comments below or perhaps by can and string telephone.

Fraewell fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


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Half An Hour

Hello fellow Children’s Writers and Friends,

Half an hour, I have half an hour till I attend what promises to be an amazing Masterclass in The Duck Pond. I’m giving myself a self imposed deadline in an attempt to get a blog post written for the first time in a few months 😳 If this were the sort of blog where I could prepare blog posts in advance I would. I can’t, trust me I’ve tried.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and so here’s a bit of advice if you’re starting a writing blog. Theme it on something other than the journey, which like the journey itself, can’t be known beforehand. It is experiential.

My current experience and the reason for the extended delay of this blog post is a mix of nothing happening and being aware of things happening. Things I have been involved in, in the past and had success with like the ZineWest competition and the WestWords/Westlit Libraries Living Stories Competition As well as this, preparation for things coming up like the WestWords Academy Alumni Presentation, which I should be getting my part ready for as it is coming soon- 27/4/22 to be exact! All welcome btw. I’ll put out a proper invitation on my socials later this week.

I’m currently on holiday from both of my day jobs, I took LWP from one of them with the aim of having a complete rest and the hope of starting some of these writing related pursuits. . . but alas, nothing. I even looked up my own previous post on paralysis in the hope of finding an answer, a plan, a way forward- nothing!

Yup! Note, stuff going on in background. ‘I
should deal with that- Yeah nah’

Now if you recall, this is my year of allowing myself, my creativity to lie fallow, so why am I even writing about this state of paralysis. Well, it’s because it’s new, different to last time. It’s not paralysis from overwhelm, but rather from not knowing how long and how much I should allow my creativity to lie fallow and how much I should exercise the ol’ writing muscle? Creativity is not dead incidentally, I have continued to dabble in a little art, which currently along with reading of course, is ‘my happy place’, no pressure you see.

Also so this doesn’t seem like a post completely about nothing, my time in fallow has produced a few gems of ideas, which I’m struggling to decide whether to write or percolate.

Percolating at the moment, but that’s not necessarily a decision I made, more of an allowing myself to trust. Trust in myself, trust in the process.

Wow, four minutes till the end of my half hour, just enough time to get set up! There’s something to take away fellow travellers, short, sudden self imposed deadlines seem to work! For me, today anyway 😀

Farewell fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


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