A Bright Shiny Year Ahead

Well hello, dear fellow Children’s Writers and friends,

This glorious wet and windy day seemed like, the perfect day to pen a very late January or a somewhat early February blog, I’m not sure which and honestly have no desire to decide. That’s the thing with January in the writing world. It’s neither here nor there, it’s either your opportunity to write and edit prolifically while you have some ‘extra’ time or your chance to rest and reflect and plan for the year to come. I chose a bit of both, mainly the latter. That does not mean I have rested on my laurels (seriously, where does that saying come from?) no, on the contrary, I have organised my personal and professional lives (yes, like many other KidLit writers I have more than one of these) and what’s particularly good about this year is that I have already put many of these plans, strategies and good habits into practice.

On a personal level I have begun to budget, my shell-shocked husband at first skeptical, is quietly optimistic this might actually last. On a professional level, I have planned, timetabled and set in motion several programs I will be running amongst the parents, adolescents and children in my parish. With much thanks to the previous Sacramental Coordinator, it hasn’t been too onerous a task.

This being one of three ‘jobs’ I will have this year I have colour coded (pens) my home (and for that matter, work) diary to reflect what each of these require of me, particularly when and where I’m meant to be on any given day.

I have also developed a fun new way to keep myself accountable both in my home and creatively. I’ve colour coded creative and decluttering time and it’s a simple little joy to colour in or otherwise decorate, what I’ve achieved in these areas each day. My aim is to colour in at least one; write, draw or de-clutter colour (sometimes more) for five days of the week (pencils, crayons anything bright!) The other two are my full 9-5 working days and besides we all need a break even from the creative stuff we love and definitely from cleaning!

So why all this detail? Three reasons; one to touch base and fill you in, two, to possibly share an idea/tool you might find useful and three to keep me accountable. It will certainly be interesting at the end of the year to share my 2020 Year in Review in the light of these plans and changes. A very good old Uni friend of mine, once (or twice 😆) called me the most organised, disorganised person she knew. You see I’ve always been brilliant at setting up for something, but as life happens my beautifully organised desk, room, space becomes a creative mess that only I can navigate, making delegation impossible and me often, give up. This year though I have my trusty Shining Year Life Goal’s Workbook by Leonnie Dawson by my side and well as some tried and tested methods of organisation in my arsenal to refine and use and like my husband, I am quietly optimistic of an amazing year of creating not just in the cracks but in all areas of my life!

Wish me luck as I do to you fellow travellers,

Savour the quest,


About Artelle Lenthall

Hi Fellow Children’s Writers and Friends, I am a published Picture Book author as well as a wife, mother and Primary School teacher. I am loving the new 'sites' on the continuing road to publication. I belong to the Fellowship of Australian Writers(FAW) Creative Kids Tales(CKT) Jen Storer’s The Scribblers and although I'd love to belong to more writing related organisations, I have found friends, support, critiquing and general encouragement with these, for which I am truly grateful. I also subscribe to Tara Lazar's specialist Picture Book website; How to Write For Kids While Raising Them, Buzz Words and The Duck Pond where I am one of the moderators. These inspire me in the development of my craft. Worth a look if like me, Picture Books and Children’s Writing are your passion.
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6 Responses to A Bright Shiny Year Ahead

  1. Catherine Bourne says:

    Hi Artelle, I am really enjoying reading your blog. I am also very impressed by your organisation, it is inspiring. One item caught my eye, decluttering . It must be something about 2020. About two weeks ago I hired a skip after realising a plastic container from k mart wasn’t going to cut it. It was a great feeling throwing everything in.
    It was lovely to meet you at the Writing nsw course presented by Davina Bell. I am very excited and inspired about your book release . I am also really inspired by your organisation skills, I fell like going and clearing my desk now. Hope we can meet up again at another course perhaps.
    Catherine Bourne 🙂


    • Hi Catherine,
      You had me confused for a moment, I know another Catherine Bourne who is also a teacher. These are my goals Catherine, no guarantees, but I am more determined this year than ever before. Thanks for looking up my blog. It was lovely to meet you yesterday too Catherine. Good luck with your writing 🙂


      • Catherine Bourne says:

        Another Catherine Bourne and a teacher! Spooky 🙂
        I hope to achieve some long held goals also .
        God Bless

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  2. rcdowding says:

    Sounds like me, minus the shining year book. I keep meaning to order one and then get distracted by something shiny. You have encouraged me Artelle. No more long boring, guilt laden lists, I need colour!


    • I’m so pleased I’ve inspired you, colour does have that feel good quality about it. I also make many lists, but now they’re on my phone, hitting the backspace key on an item is also a pretty good feeling.
      My Shining Year Workbook is a very worthwhile investment as well, still not too late if you want to give it a go this year, only one month of 2020 down, eleven to go!
      I hope you have a wonderful bright shiny year of you own Rhiannon 😊

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